We are excited to announce our latest major Cloud Platform upgrade which will provide a host of new features and functionalities for our clients along with increased reliability and performance

For more information on these features, please submit a ticket through the client area and for new enquiry call 1300 FLUCCS

New service features:

Container Servers

Container servers are regular virtual servers based on the default CoreOS template. Container servers allow you to customise a virtual server to implement integration with Docker or other container services.

Service Insertion Framework

Service Insertion Framework allows you to bring other services to the Cloud. When you create the service insertion groups and pages, they become available on the main menu on your Control Panel.

Accelerator 2.0

Accelerator Dashboard is designed to enable acceleration for all types of networks to speed up the traffic flow for virtual servers. Accelerator enables to load your websites in several seconds regardless of the end users current location.

Service Add-ons

Service Add-ons allow you to offer your users additional services on top of the current virtual server appliances. You can offer features such as Managed Services, Software Installations, and other components that are not integrated in the Cloud.

Backup Plugin System

Backup Plugin System enables you to integrate your servers with a third-party backup service. The plugin allows you to back up and restore your virtual servers by means of a service that you use for backup management. Plugins are provided for R1Soft and Veeam that you can install to your Control Panel. You can also create your own plugin to integrate the Cloud with a backup service of your choice.

From VMware Solutions to KVM

Migrate virtual servers from vCloud Director and vCenter to KVM. The migration workflow includes several steps that you can perform from a Control Panel to get your virtual servers up and running on KVM. 


You can use OVAs to import virtual servers created on other cloud platforms to Fluccs. The virtual server is created from an OVA file that you can upload to your Control Panel. Create virtual servers with multiple disks and network interfaces from OVA templates. You can also convert OVA templates more than once into KVM and vCenter virtualization formats and use a simplified procedure to configure CloudBoot backup servers to support the OVA functionality.