As we enter our 20th year we are celebrating with a whole new look!

The industry is constantly evolving and so are we. Check out our new makeover, including our fabulous new website, or come and see us and our shiny new marketing collateral that we will be showcasing at next month’s CeBIT Expo in Sydney from the 4th to the 7th of May.

Not only does our new website and new look mark an incredible two decades in the industry but it also made us think about how we can reach out to our clients and offer a quick, easy and functional platform for you to gain everything you need within just a few clicks of the mouse! Check it out now at

I’m also pleased to share that the 20 year mark also represents some major highlights in the company including the upgrading of all of our product lines to provide more resources for less dollars! We are streamlining our offerings to focus on our core services and an amalgamation of our previously separate sub-branded websites to bring you an improved service offering!

We will continue to focus on the Managed Cloud and Enterprise Hosting market, as with 20 years’ experience of Managed Hosting and Servers, along with four years of Managed Cloud services – we are perfectly versed to meet the needs of an increasingly cloud-centric market.

For those of you who aren’t aware, we launched our Public Cloud in Australia four years ago and have achieved a reputation for reliability and uptime, bringing our wide assortment of clients a secure, versatile and easy solutions to their discerning needs.

From the Australian Government, to small business, our cloud has been able to perfectly provide solutions for real time batch processing, load balanced hosting solutions, online stores, development and testing, and a range of other diverse purposes.

Our new website also helps us provide you with the attention you deserve so feel free to chat to us live, send us your queries, or simply navigate the site for information. Our unparalleled infrastructure management and support team always works hard to maintain our cloud, and Australia’s first truly Public Cloud, to ensure we keep our reputation as a leader and a company with a name for reliability.

Let us explain the benefits of cloud servers today. We proudly work with Australians, for Australians, in Australia and are the best in the business!