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Australian cloud servers


Run an enterprise-level Australian cloud server for a few cents per hour​ and benefit from our state-of-the-art Infrastructure and round-the-clock technical support.

Australian Cloud Servers

Our Australian Cloud Server solutions

Unmanaged cloud

With an unmanaged Cloud server you have full access to the server, you can configure and maintain it as needed. All this while taking advantage of our self-healing cloud environment.

Managed cloud

Let us take the stress of managing your server updates, security, backups and focus on the things that you do best. Our Self-healing cloud environment together with our proactive approach to server maintenance and security will ensure that you never have to worry about keeping your servers online.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

This is cloud computing in its purest form and you are in full control. You will have access to a pool of resources and can build your own servers when and how you need, all within minutes. On top of that you only pay for the resources that are used.

Private cloud

This is a solution suited to environments that need the flexibility of the PAYG offering while adhering to stricter policy requirements such as having dedicated hardware. Our private cloud solutions are tailored to your needs and don’t stop at the server level, we can offer private connections from your location to the private cloud environment.

Cloud Server Plans

Choose a managed or unmanaged Australian cloud server  on a monthly fee or pay-as-you-go basis.
If you are unsure which IAAS solution is best for your business, please contact us or call us on 1300 358 227 or for international callers +61 7 3018 7566.

All cloud server plans include:

  • Create, start, stop, reboot virtual machines
  • Reinstall or change operating system
  • Schedule backups as required
  • Backup restores
  • View CPU per minute & per hour
  • 24/7/365 Support

  Unmanaged Monthly Cloud Our Most PopularManaged Monthly Cloud (cPanel) PAYG Cloud Private Cloud
  from $35 monthly from $230 monthly from $12.94 monthly from $358 monthly
  View Plans View Plans View Plans Enquire
Free Cloud Linux (value $26 per month) No Yes No No
Free WHM/cPanel (value $30 per month) No Yes No No
OS and cPanel Management No Yes No No
Unrestricted access Yes No Yes Yes
Access to a pool of resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) No No Yes Yes
Instantly scale resources up or down No No Yes Yes
Create & deploy your own templates No No Yes Yes
Segregate virtual machines so they are never on the same hypervisor (hardware) No No Yes Yes
Dedicated hardware and storage No No No Yes
  View Plans View Plans View Plans Enquire

Want to talk to someone about our packages? Call us now on 1300 358 227 or for International callers +61 7 3018 7566

Australian cloud server

Why Fluccs Cloud Servers?

Fluccs is an Australian based cloud provider offering enterprise-level cloud server solutions. ​

Our fully managed state-of-the-art Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) comes with:​

  • Total redundancy throughout our cloud system ​
  • Auto failover processes ​
  • Tailored services, including private and hybrid cloud servers​
  • Round-the-clock technical support​

Why Fluccs is your go-to partner for cloud servers

20 Years’ Experience

As a cloud provider with over 20 years of history, we are the longest running, privately owned server hosting company and Public Cloud in Australia.

100% Uptime

We guarantee our Cloud platform will be up and running 100% of the time. If it isn’t, we will offer you compensation, as stated in our Terms of Service – no questions asked.

100% Australian

As a privately owned Australian company, we can guarantee your data will never leave Australia.

Trusted by Government

The Fluccs Cloud is certified by the Queensland and Australian Commonwealth Governments.

Dedicated Resources

A Fluccs Cloud Server gives you guaranteed resources 24/7/365. You can also utilise any unused capacity on the server.

24/7/365 Cloud Nine Support

Our support team are on duty around the clock. They are all level 3 (that’s the highest) technicians with years of experience.

No Contracts

At Fluccs, there are no lock-in contracts for our Cloud services, so you can cancel at any time.

Managed Cloud Server

Our Australian Cloud and network are managed around the clock by our experienced cloud and network engineers.

What our customers say

Clik Marketing

We have been working closely with the team at Fluccs now for over 5 years, and they have become a trusted and valued service provider for our business. Over this time they have provided an outstanding level of service and support, in addition to world class managed cloud hosting which has enabled our business to continue to grow and expand Australia wide. Having used a number of other providers for hosting over the years, we can safely say that we’re extremely happy to have found Fluccs, and feel confident they will remain a partner with our company for many years to come.

Simon Oldham
Founder & Director
Clik Marketing Pty Ltd

Bright Life Australia

I am thrilled to write this testimonial for Fluccs, our hosting provider for over a decade now. Fluccs has been nothing short of exceptional in providing us with top-notch hosting services in Australia. Their dedicated team of experts fully maintain our servers and always respond promptly to our requests.
What sets Fluccs apart from other hosting providers is their commitment to delivering excellent customer service. They not only maintain our servers with regular security patches but also go above and beyond to provide additional services when required. Whenever there are technical issues at the data centre, Fluccs handles them automatically and efficiently, ensuring that our online operations run smoothly.
One thing I particularly appreciate about Fluccs is their fast and reliable support system via a ticketing system. With 24/7 availability, we can always rely on them to provide quick and easy solutions to any challenges we may face.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Fluccs to any business or individual in need of reliable and professional hosting services. They have been an invaluable partner to us over the years, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with them.

Thomas Michael
Bright Life Australia Pty Ltd

australian cloud server

Cloud Server FAQs

What is a cloud server?

A cloud server works the same way a physical server does but without the upfront costs and without having to oversize resources (CPU/RAM/Storage). With a cloud server you can start small and grow as you need to.

A cloud server also benefits from running on a self-healing ecosystem, that way, if something were to happen to the physical hardware it runs on, it will be automatically migrated to another node and keep running.

What can you do with a cloud server?

Anything you can do with a physical server, you can do with a cloud server. Whether you want to host a website, an app, run your business applications or anything in between.

Why do I need a cloud server?

Technology has greatly improved, and physical servers are more and more powerful but also more expensive, while having a single point of failure – the hardware itself. A cloud server allows you to start as small as you need and to add resources as your needs grow. The cloud server also comes with high availability thus removing the hardware as a single point of failure.

What is the difference between a managed and an unmanaged cloud server?

An unmanaged server means that the customer/owner has full access to the server and is responsible for updating and maintaining it.

With a managed server we take care of the server security, patching and updates for the OS and the control panel.

What is the difference between a cloud and a server?

A server, also referred to as a physical server is physical hardware, if something breaks, the server becomes offline until the faulty part is replaced. When purchasing a server it is good practice to order it with more resources than needed to cater for growth. This is because upgrading a server can be expensive and will result in downtime while the new parts are installed.

A cloud server can be seen as an isolated part of a physical server, if something happens to the physical server, the cloud server will be moved to a different node and will keep running while we replace the faulty part.

A cloud server can have its resources increased with just a quick reboot, therefore making it more cost effective.