Brisbane Colocation

NEXTDC B1  Data Centre

Fluccs servers are located at NEXTDC’s flagship data centre “B1”. B1 is Queensland’s most fibre-connected commercial data centre, benefiting from the diverse fibre-network infrastructure in the Brisbane CBD. With dual fibre entry ports into the data centre and NEXTDC’s efficient cross connect infrastructure means we benefit from fast connections and reduced latency.

Robust construction and flood protection

Over 80% of the B1 data centre construction is solid concrete, providing extra security and fire protection while allowing NEXTDC to keep heavy infrastructure on the roof. The elevated Wharf St location has a natural rise, so B1 was well above the peak levels of both the 2011 and 1974 floods.

Advanced cooling technology

The chillers on the roof are made by UNIFLAIR in Italy, chosen because they are the quietest chillers on the market – important for the inner city location.

They have multiple compressors which make them extremely energy-efficient by automatically operating only the minimum number of compressors to achieve the level of cooling required. The chillers have a free air cooling option that provides a base level of cooling on colder days without running any of the compressors – another energy saving measure.

Most of B1’s windows have been sheeted over internally with two layers of fire sheeting (and employ a special water dousing system) to provide greatly increased fire protection from adjacent buildings, as well as added security and insulation from the warm Queensland conditions.

The NEXTDC B1 Data centre provides redundancy, reliability, stability & performance, to create the best Australian location to host your server.

Colocation Pricing

Whether you're looking to colocate just one server or a few racks, Fluccs can provide the best colocation service.

Now With Data Included

  • RU
  • Amperage
  • Power
  • Bandwidth
  • IP

1 RU
  • $80* monthly

  • 1
  • 1 AMP
  • 1A + 1B
  • 0TB 2TB

  • 5

Our Most Popular

2 RU
  • $142* monthly

  • 2
  • 2 AMPS
  • 2A + 2B
  • 0TB 4TB

  • 5

10 RU
  • $460* monthly

  • 10
  • 5 AMPS
  • 10A + 10B
  • 0TB 5TB

  • 14

Half Rack
  • $1150* monthly

  • 24
  • 10 AMPS
  • 10A + 10B
  • 0TB 10TB

  • 14

Full Rack
  • $1675* monthly

  • 45
  • 15 AMPS
  • 20A + 20B
  • 0TB 10TB

  • 14

Add-Ons Available

Additional Data Packs

  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 3TB
  • 4TB

Additional Services

  • extra PDU port
  • extra Switch port
  • extra IP


  • Remote Hands/Escorted access** during business hours                                                          $110* per hour
  • Remote Hands/Escorted access** outside business hours (including public holidays)         $220* per hour

*All prices quoted are in $AUD excl. GST
**Remote hands/Escorted access is charged in 30 minute increments with a minimum of $110* in regular hours and $220* out of hours.

Data Centre specification

Power Specifications

  • Available power of 5Mva
  • It load capacity of approximately 2.25Mw
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy
  • Dual underground 11kv energex feeders from city power grid once complete
  • N+1 redundant 11kv/415v 2500kva distribution transformers
  • N+1 redundant 1.2Mw UPS modules for data centre load
  • 100% standby generator power (cummins v16 60 litre quad turbo diesel with 2.25Mva output) with N+1 redundancy
  • Full N+1 main electrical infrastructure extending to N+N at PDU level
  • Diverse path vertical distribution cabling to data centre floors
  • Diverse a + B + c power supply distributed at 400v via UPS
  • Minimum 12 hours’ onsite fuel supply

Controlled Environment

  • Minimum N+1 Redundancy for Air Conditioning
  • Air Cooled APC FM40 Air Conditioning Units (N+1)
  • Temperatures Maintained at 22ºC (+/- 2ºC)
  • Humidity Maintained at 50% (+/- 10%)
  • Environmental Monitoring

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Argonite inert gas fire suppression system
  • Leak detection systems
  • Distributed fire alarm control equipment to avoid single point of failure
  • Two monitored fire escapes
  • External water sprinkler system to protect from neighbouring building fires
  • Water misting system to protect generators from fire
  • Fully addressable analogue fire alarm system compromising Fire indicator Panel (FiP), mimic panels, heat detection and aSDs systems

Data Centre Security

  • Individual credential checks prior to authorisation
  • 24/7 onsite security personnel
  • Biometric fingerprint security for data centre access
  • Anti-cloning access card encryption
  • Secure lifts between floors with man trap entrance points
  • Intruder-resistant glass, steel mesh and solid concrete walls
  • Extensive coverage of motion sensitive cctv cameras
  • Monitoring of news and weather for external security risks

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The Fluccs Cloud service is fast and reliable

The reliability and speed of our servers is key to our business and this is why we chose Fluccs. The cherry on the cake is getting such a reactive and expert support. It is really appreciated when needed.

Morgan Gautier, Managing Director - WebPublication


I wouldn't think of ever moving from Fluccs

After years of being hosted at Fluccs, I wouldn’t think of moving my business, Dark Horizons, anywhere else. Superb, fast service, rock solid reliability and support from a great team behind-the-scenes.

Garth Franklin, CEO - Dark Horizons