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Vocus communications

Vocus Collins Street

Fluccs Australia has racks inside the Vocus Melbourne data centre. Customers can experience complete peace of mind knowing that their data and infrastructure is securely housed in our Melbourne data centre.

Melbourne Vocus

About Vocus Data centres

Vocus is one of the most important ISPs in the Australian market. The data centre is conveniently located in Melbourne CBD just 5 minutes from the Southern Cross train Station.

Vocus own and operate a global telecoms network that is always growing, expanding and improving to meet the future needs of their customers. The datacentre is connected to Vocus National and international networks using multiple fibre paths, ensuring high availability communication.

Seamless Network Integration

Get straightforward connectivity for your servers and sites using the robust and widespread Vocus network and internet services. Multiple carriers are available in addition to Vocus.

Colocation Pricing

Whether you’re looking to colocate just one server or a few racks, Fluccs can provide the best colocation service.


1 RUOur Most Popular2 RU4 RU6 RUFull Rack
$99 monthly$159 monthly$299 monthly$399 monthlyContact Us for Pricing
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RU1246up to 42
Amperage0.5 AMPS1 AMP2 AMPS3 AMPSup to15 AMPS
Power1A + 1B1A + 1B2A + 2B3A + 3Bup to 20A + 20B






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Add-Ons Available

Additional Data Packs


Additional Services

extra PDU port (1A +1B)$25.00/month
extra 1GB Switch port$25.00/month
upgrade to /29$26.40/month
upgrade to /28$52.80/month

Remote Hands/Escorted access**

During business hours$149/ per hour
Outside business hours (including public holidays)$299/ per hour

** Remote hands/Escorted access is charged in 30 minute increments with a minimum of $149 in regular hours and $299 out of hours.



Data Centre specification


  • White space: 685m2
  • Rack Space: 285 Rack Spaces
  • Technical area height: Minimum 3m from floor to ceiling
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete slab
  • Floor loading: Typical loading of 7.5kN/m2
  • Goods lift: 1350kg
  • Parking: Local Parking available

Power Specification

  • Electrical authority supply: Dedicated 2.2 MVA Transformer
  • Internal supply: Redundant A+B supply
  • UPS and standby power: Automatic Transfer Switch (open transition)
  • UPS configurations: N+N with minimum 15 minutes battery autonomy
  • Generator backup: N+1 Standby generators to support mission critical mechanical services
  • Generator fuel capacity: 24 hours fuel capacity at full load with 24×365 fuel delivery callout

Controlled environment

  • Design: redundant N+1 chilled water cooling system.
  • Distribution: Perimeter DX and CW CRAC Units with InRow Cooling units.
  • Control: Close control units provide air conditioned air to technical space

Data Centre Security

  • Entrance: Door access controls in all technical areas
  • Access: 24/7 swipe card access with dual factor authentication (card + biometrics)
  • CCTV monitoring: Full coverage of tenancy exterior, entries and exits to secure areas. 90 day motion activated digital system
  • Alarm systems: Motion detectors for CCTV with intrusion detection on all doors
  • Building access delivery: Building dock loading area with goods lift to Level 3
  • Rack security: Proximity card lockable racks as standard

Our Colocation Packages

Whether you’re looking to colocate just one server or a few racks, Fluccs can provide the best colocation service in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.