Managed Virtual Private Server – Australia

With our managed VPS hosting, the Fluccs Support Team can take care of everything for you. We will continuously monitor your key services and our resources will alert us to any issues so we can take immediate corrective action. You will also have complete control over your VPS directly from the client area, and you can monitor your bandwidth usage in real time. If you require a complete hosting solution, but don’t want a physical server, then our Australian managed VPS are the perfect solution.
Managed Virtual Private Server

cPanel / WHM

Manage your VPS hosting accounts with the world’s leading control panel. Its simple and intuitive interface and its robustness make it the web host’s number one choice of control panel software.

Anti-virus protection

We install antivirus protection for your managed VPS. Our Security Support Team will install and configure ClamAV to automatically scan your managed server and accept virus definition updates as they are issued.

Cloud Linux

Keep your managed VPS running with Cloud Linux. This operating system isolates each site on the server so it can only use a maximum amount of resources. This means that one site cannot use all the server´s resources, so your server never crashes again.

VPX Monitoring

We can actively monitor your server for service uptime and connectivity. We do this from geographically dispersed locations in Sydney, Australia and Seattle, USA. Services that we monitor include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP, SSH and MySQL.

OS Security Updates & Patches

This forms the basis for any server management service and covers the maintenance and protection of your operating system. We provide a timely and thorough update and security patching service. Urgent updates are installed (after testing) within 24 hours.

Host Based Intrusion Detection System

Host Based IDS helps protect the managed servers by preventing attackers from exploiting them. This system comprises real-time, automated intrusion monitoring and detection by analysing incidents, host logs and inbound and outgoing activity on the Australian-based server.

Firewall Installation and Maintenance

Our firewall installation and maintenance service provides a complete software based firewall service, which helps prevent serious attacks on your managed VPS. We secure all TCP and UDP ports and configure the firewall to suit your needs.

Software / Control Panel Updates and Patches

This service provides comprehensive coverage for all the main hosting control panel and software applications and will ensure your control panel / software / server applications are kept up to date and secure.

Managed VPS Plans

 Plan 1Plan 2Our Most PopularPlan 3Plan 4Plan 5Plan 6
 $209 monthly$229 monthly$269 monthly$349 monthly$509 monthly$789 monthly
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Setup Free$129$129$129$129$129$129
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Add-Ons Available

Additional IP Addresses

Per IP Address$3

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